MVP Development for Startups

MVP Development Services for Startups

As a trusted provider of MVP development services for startups, MVPDevelopmentTeam will assist you in creating a minimum viable product that accurately represents your business idea and gathers valuable feedback for further development of your future product to make it a better product market fit.

By developing a basic version of your product with just enough core features and testing it with its target market, you get to learn more about what early adopters like, what works and what doesn’t, and how you can better adjust your product to align with market demand.

MVP vs Proof of Concept vs Prototype

What is the difference between an MVP, a proof of concept, and a prototype?

A minimum viable product or a minimum marketable product is a version of your app that contains just enough features to attract initial customers and gather user feedback. You can think of it as a starting point of your product development journey that tells you if your app delivers a great customer experience or not.

A proof of concept is anything that helps you test the feasibility of your product idea internally before you begin the minimum viable product development process, such as demos of your product, case studies, market research, and more.

A prototype is a preliminary model or sample of your product that demonstrates how your concept works, so unlike an MVP, initial customers aren’t meant to try it out. 

As a startup founder looking to validate your idea and secure funding for it, an MVP will benefit you the most. This is because not all concepts can be monetized, and neither the proof of concept nor the prototype can be released to your target audience to assess whether it has solid market potential. In contrast, building an MVP and launching it to your target audience allows you to enter the market earlier, collect customer feedback, and quickly perform market validation.

What We Can Do for a Startup

From first-time to serial entrepreneurs, we design our startup MVP development services to help everyone refine their idea into a scalable and market-worthy product.

Discovery Phase Consulting

We understand the level of assumptions you may have as a startup founder. So, during this initial stage of the MVP development process, our startup MVP agency will work with you to clarify your business objectives, perform thorough market research, and uncover the market needs of potential users. By the time we're done, our product team will have identified a unique value proposition for your software and the essential features you need to offer to build a minimum viable product that satisfies your target market.

Proof of Concept Development

Is there nothing similar to your idea on the market? Or do you have little to no experience concerning the development of your app? Don't worry. As an end-to-end MVP development company, we will brainstorm your idea to develop a convincing proof of concept that validates your product purpose, from surveys to user experience demos, blueprints, case studies, and more.

MVP Software Design

After rounding up the market research, concluding the proof of concept development phase, and deciding what MVP features to implement, our development team will construct the look and visual structure of your minimum viable product, taking into consideration an ideal user flow and navigation and including the icons, colors, fonts, and animations that align with your brand kit.

Clickable Prototype Development

Once our UI/UX designers are done creating the user flow and visual representation of your minimum viable product MVP, we'll build a light prototype that you can interact with before we proceed to code the full-fledged app. We never skip this part of the MVP development process so you can test how the application will work yourself and demonstrate to investors and testers all the features included in this basic version of your successful MVP.

MVP Development

When you approve the clickable prototype, our software developers will choose an appropriate technology stack and proceed to build a minimum viable product into functional code. Following agile methodology at this stage of the MVP development process, we also subject each unit of completed software against several automated and manual tests to find defects early and validate the basic features of your minimum viable product before it gets into the hands of potential customers.

MVP Launch

Once we're done building the minimum viable product and it's ready for release, we'll set up accounts on your chosen app stores, upload descriptions and visual content, and then publish the application. With dozens of successful MVPs under our belt, we're familiar with the content, privacy, and security rules of iOS, Android, and desktop devices and their operating systems, so we can guarantee your app will go live no matter what.

MVP Support

At this point, your app store accounts are set up and your successful MVP is released to the potential customers. But our services don't end at launch. We remain in close contact with your startup to address bugs and implement new MVP features in response to user feedback from early adopters. As your startup's software partner, we will guide you hand in hand through scaling strategies to ensure sustained growth for your product and business.
If you have any specific questions or require further information about our development stages, please feel free to reach out to us.

Why Choose MVP Development Team?

We're a team of experienced and client-centric researchers, designers, developers, and testers with a track record of helping startups monetize and scale with strategic MVP development for startup services.

Business-Oriented Approach

We see your minimum viable product as a starting point for your success. This is why our product architects customize all MVP product development services to your unique goals and challenges. So regardless of what you're trying to build, whether it's a meal planning app, a personal finance tool, or a productivity assistant, rest assured you'll get custom development MVP support every time.

Detailed Analysis

For startups, we put extra effort into understanding your objectives, performing market research into your potential customers and competitors, and choosing the optimal tech stack. By doing so, we ensure your successful MVP grows in the right direction, meets your requirements, and most importantly, strikes as a product market fit with your target audience.

Continuous Close Communication

At MVPDevelopmentTeam, we understand the need for close communication and transparency when it comes to software collaboration and MVP development. As a result, we stick to proactive collaboration principles, walking you through the impact of decisions at every stage of the minimum viable product development process and leveraging our expertise to offer informed improvements, refine your MVP, and maintain professionalism throughout our business relationship.


With years of experience delivering top-notch MVPs, we've come to understand that just like every innovative industry, software development requires adaptability and agile processes. So even if the requirements or market demands of your MVP need to change frequently, be confident we have the expertise and capability to make iterations on the go, ensuring your product stays up-to-date no matter what.

Solid Expertise

We have the best in-house team of software analysts, designers, and developers who bring experience and creativity to the table. With a diverse range of skills that encompass product design, software engineering, data analytics, AI prompting, and deep knowledge of programming frameworks, you get unmatched team expertise every time you work with us. 

Quality Assurance

With our strong emphasis on delivering an outstanding experience to clients, we never compromise on quality while offering our MVP app development services to startups. To ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck and that your startup's app is truly optimized for performance, we'll subject the completed software to several rigorous testing stage methodologies that offer objective results.

Competitive Prices

We adopt a competitive and transparent pricing model that benefits our partners and clients who choose us as their MVP development company. Startups like yours can immensely benefit from our flexible pricing that helps you manage your budget effectively.
We offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the software solution continues to meet your needs over time.

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How Startups Benefit from an MVP

MVP Development for Startups

Testing the Idea

With an MVP, startups, medium-scale companies, and enterprise-level businesses can validate ideas, test their assumptions, and iterate based on feedback. As a result, it's never been easier to accurately judge whether your product has enough potential to generate conversions, garner a community, and stand out against applications your competitors offer.
MVP Development for Startups

Collecting Feedback

When building an MVP for startups, the ultimate checklist to follow is your active users' preferences. In regards to this principle, an MVP enables you to collect feedback from user groups concerning the kinds of core features they want to see in your future product, how they can be refined, and how much your application solves their main problem.
MVP Development for Startups

Scalability Opportunities

MVP product development enhances your scalability opportunities by helping you better understand the market you are trying to enter. When testing your app with real users, you learn more about their market needs and pain points, and using that knowledge, you're able to improve the product in the right direction and make it more appealing to users. How is this relevant to scaling? Well, without this product architecture, scalability is not feasible. It's a fact that 74% of all startups fail because they scale prematurely.
MVP Development for Startups

Saving Money and Time

By building only the most essential features in your MVP, you don't have to spend as much time and money as it would cost to develop a feature-packed product. These cost savings are particularly useful for startups because more often than not, you're bootstrapping your business with personal funding or borrowed capital.
MVP Development for Startups

Attracting Investors

Before putting their money into startups, investors want to see that you have a value proposition and viable product that solves a problem. An MVP comes in handy here because it demonstrates that you aren't just offering a concept but rather an established base product with core features. So, when presented right, MVPs also attract the right kind of investors who can infuse capital to scale your business.

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MVP Development for Startups

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MVP Development for Startups

Share Your Business Idea

Tell us your startup story. What inspired your app concept? Do you have a clear picture of your target user already? Are there any competitor applications you admire? Our experts are here to listen, understand, and offer guidance in developing a unique value proposition for your future app, executing your MVP, and refining it into a best-in-class solution for your target users through validated learning.
MVP Development for Startups

Receive a Proposal and Project Roadmap

Ready to make it happen? Get a startup-friendly proposal and project roadmap tailored to your business objectives. Our team is committed to offering clarity on costs, development time, and every detail regarding what it takes to build an MVP that makes your startup MVP journey smooth and hassle-free.


The MVP development cost required to build an MVP varies depending on the complexity of the software, the range of MVP features, the tech stack you use, the MVP development agency’s hourly rates, and their geographic location. In general, the most basic apps cost $10,000 to $50,000 to build, while more complex applications will cost you from $100,000 and up to $300,000 to build.

The average time it takes to build an MVP is three months or 10 to 12 weeks. When you convert those figures into hours, we can estimate it will take about 1,680 to 2,256 hours to complete the MVP development process.

The three main components of a good MVP are:

  • A clear definition of the problems your minimum viable product software solves.

  • A set of basic features required to solve those problems and achieve user satisfaction.

  • A target audience willing to use the product and provide user feedback.

A complete product or minimum viable software contains the core functionalities and ease of navigation features needed to attract active users and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Minimum viable products or MVP for startups is a version of your product you release in the early stages of your business to test your business hypotheses and gather feedback for iterative development.

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